Multi-crew cooperation B-737

Besides theory courses Orbit Groundschool also offers simulator training. Goal of these training sessions is to prepare professional pilots for employment at large airline companies. Orbit Groundschool also organizes an MCC on a Boeing 737-300 FNPT-II-simulator as well training such as MCC Refresher and Jet Orientation Course (JOC). The MCC lasts ten working days and has an excellent reputation.

MCC B-737 Multi-Crew Cooperation

Goal of the training is an MCC for professional pilots. The training prepares pilots for their role as professional- or commercial pilot and builds bridges between the completed training for CPL/ME/IR and a job in commercial aviation.
The training manual contains theory and practice and discusses: 

  • Crew Coordination Procedures
  • Advanced (Jet) handling skills
  • Interfaces: leadership and authority
  • Personality: attitude and motivation
  • Teambuilding: communication

In the simulator participants are prepared for their role as PF and PNF. The simulator trainings are recorded (both picture and sound); Performances and progress can therefore be analyzed accurately. Of course, the training is guided by qualified instructors and professional TRI’s and SFI’s. All instructors have many years of experience in aviation education and –training. The MCC training starts every week on Monday.

Content MCC training

Three days introduction, theory, mock-up training and computer based training. Approximately 5 days simulator training, two sessions a day, two hours each (in total 4 hours a day). Each session starts and ends with a (de)briefing. Participants receive a recording of the simulator training. The training take place in Essen, Germany (near Düsseldorf). Accommodation is not included but can be booked through Orbit Groundschool.


Frozen ATPL, CPL/IR preferably with Multi-Engine rating.

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