price list

Aeroplanes, full course

ATPL(A) theoretical knowledge course
€ 3.095,00
CPL(A) theoretical knowledge course
€ 2.995,00
IR(A) theoretical knowledge course (REDUCED PRICE)
€ 2.500,00
EIR(A) theoretical knowledge course (NEW)
This is the new EASA En-route Instrument Rating!!!
€ 1.900,00
CB IR(A) theoretical knowledge course (NEW)
This is the new EASA Competency Based Instrument Rating!!!
€ 1.900,00
Helicopters, full course

ATPL(H) with IR theoretical knowledge course
€ 3.095,00
ATPL(H) VFR-Only theoretical knowledge course
€ 2.995,00
CPL(H) theoretical knowledge course
€ 3.795,00
ATPL(A) to ATPL(H) (bridging) (NEW) or vice versa
€ 2.500,00

ATPL(A/H) Military EASA Conversion (NEW)
(Contact us for info)
€ 3.095,00
ICAO to EASA ATPL Conversion (several options)
(Special packages with such as type rating Skill Test B737/A320 in cooperation with our partner FSC)
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Jeppesen Course
(FSC standardisation or refresher for ICAO Type Qualifications)
€ 1.095,00
Flight Dispatch Course for airlines or individuals
(Aircraft or Airline Dispatcher/Flight Operations Officer)
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MCC Multi Crew Coordination Boeing 737
€ 3.490,00
Packing- and shipping costs 'full course' (within NL)
€ 20,00
Packing- and shipping costs outside NL (per courier t.b.d.)
€ 10,00
Dutch CAA (CBR) exam fee per subject (for exams in NL)
€ 144,00*
Belgium CAA exam fees ATPL (first attempt) in total
€ 441,00
Belgium CAA exam fees IR (first attempt) in total
€ 189,00

  * Prices subject to change

Full course: 
- ATP Digital on DVD for Mac or PC

- Two license keys

- Access to ATP Digital for iPad

- Jeppesen Student Route Training Manual

- Course introduction- & install manual

- Revision- & Brushup Courses 

- Exam training

- CAA CAPs supplement(s)

- 24/7 e-mail support by subjectspecialists

- 12 months free access to the

   BGSonline forum with over 12.000 Q&A

- Unlimited (FAQ) theory & tech support

- 12 months tech support in relations to
   the courseware.

Reference material: accompanying hardcopy course notes can be ordered optionally. The course notes are not required for the full course itself, but can be useful as reference material alongside the software.

iPad Version: Optionally downloadable free of charge in the App store for ATP Digital users. For all current and future course members. 

Prices as from 14th March 2014, based on our General Conditions. All mentioned prices are for distance learning, inclusive of revision & brush-up course. Packing- and shipping costs only within the Netherlands. For shipping outside the Netherlands please call us for a quotation. VAT is not applicable.