Integrated learning system

The ATPL integrated learning system consists of clear, orderly study books, a computer program on DVD, both for Windows and Mac, online facilities to participate in the international JAA ATPL forum and the well-known Practise Question Bank. This databank contains over 10.000 JAA practise questions for exam training and has been integrated in the software. 

The course is based on a proven and successful English formula and is the result of more than 10 years of development and innovation. The integratedlearning system combines the best aspects of more traditional training methods with state-of-the-art computer training. The theoretical courses appear to be a very effective and pleasant method for all course members who score, compared with class training, extremely well/demonstrably better.

What we offer

  • ATPL Manuals - Easy to understand, complete with thousands of illustrations
  • ATP Digital - Once state-of-the-art computer based training software
  • ATPL Online - A database consisting of EASA ATPL exam questions and answers
  • ATPL Forum - An active community with more than 2.500 students and teachers
  • Elektronische testen - Multiple choice with explanation and feedback for you and us
  • Classroom Revision Courses - Short, intensive preparation for exams

Orbit Groundschool study books

The study books (7 4-ring binders) are an important part of the integrated learning system. The books contain all texts and thousands of full-color illustrations. All subjects are conveniently arranged and are easy to understand thanks to clear, common language use. Special points of interest are written in bold, in the margin. The illustrations clarify the texts and complete the study book. Possible revisions can easily be downloaded through a link in the software. 

The content of the study books meets the JAA (EASA NPA-25 LO's) requirements and has been adapted to the exams as much as possible. After one chapter or a couple of chapters electronic progress testing takes place, consisting of multiple choice questions. About 80 progress tests have to be made. The results can be sent to Orbit Groundschool electronically through our computer program.

ATP Digital program

The supplied DVD computer program 'ATP Digital' contains, just like the study books, all text and illustrations. A main part of the illustrations contains 3-D animations which clarify special points of interest even more. The program also contains a series of interactive training modules and videos as well electronic progress tests. The Practice Question Bank has been integrated in the software. In total, the program offers about 380 electronic lessons.

PC and MAC verslons and (Free) iPad app

The main advantages of ATP Digital:

  • Moving (3D) illustrations and videos which complete and simplify the study books.
  • About 80 progress tests  to test
  • A course member’s knowledge and to give feedback to the school.
  • Feedback on incorrectly answered questions, with direct reference to the applicable part of the study material
  • Keep up your scores by saving on the system. You can immediately check which subjects require attention.
  • Possibility to generate shortened ‘personal notes’ from text parts.
  • Auto-search enabling a course member to find definitions of specific terms fast.

Minimum system requirements

IBM PC compatible, Intel Pentium IV 256 Mb RAM, 1.2 Gb hard disk, 1024 x 768 32-bit
video card, DVD-player and mouse, sound blaster compatible sound card,
Microsoft Windows XP or higher, Mac OS X 10.5 or later, Flash Player 8 and Adobe Reader
7, Internet Explorer 7, internet connection.