Theory courses ATPL, CPL and IR

Theory courses home study (Distance Learning)

  • EASA Part-FCL ATPL(A) theoretical knowledge course
  • EASA Part-FCL ATPL(H)/IR theoretical knowledge course  
  • EASA Part-FCL CPL(A) theoretical knowledge course   
  • EASA Part-FCL CPL(H) theoretical knowledge course    
  • EASA Part-FCL IR(A/H) theoretical knowledge course      
  • EASA Military Bridge Courses Aeroplanes & Helicopters
  • EASA Part-FCL Bridge Courses A to H or H to A - also possible upgrades

All courses for both aeroplanes and helicopters. You can start a course at any desired
moment. Both theoretical courses and all study materials fully meet EASA
Part-FCL NPA-25 (workbook with mandatory learning goals according to laws and

A revision & brush-up course (exam training) is included in each course.

Theory courses daytime (Full-time)

Class courses are given in Arnhem, by professional teachers and instructors.

  • JAR FCL ATPL(A) theoretical knowledge course*
  • EASA Military Bridge Course

* This course takes place in the Arnhem office (in case of enough registrations) or on location for example in Maastricht, Lelystad or any other desired location and will last about 6 to 9 months, divided into 2 modules.

Admission requirements

Preferably a Havo-diploma (Higher General Secondary Education) or similar
qualification with knowledge of English, physics and mathematics. A valid PPL
issued by a ICAO-member state. We further recommend a medical examination,
class I. Without valid PPL you may participate in the course, however not take

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