Computer based Training

PC, MAC and iPad

The ATP Digital Computer Program is a multi-platform, including an iPad version. The program runs on PCs, Macs and on the iPad. The student can upload the data on all three systems. Once activated, the system can run offline. Internet is only required to forward results and download updates; Wi-Fi is not required during studying. As soon as a Wi-Fi connection is made, achieved results will be synchronized on all systems. 

ATP Digital for iPad is not just an e-book, it’s a full program. It functions just like the full PC and Mac versions and contains lessons, quizzes, videos, animations, progress tests and even an integrated Question Bank which can be used off-line. ATP Digital for iPad runs on each iOS version and is available, free of charge, for all current and future students of Orbit Groundschool as off Mid-June 2012.

Method of use

The ATP digital computer program can be used in two ways. Option 1: the study material is  divided into ‘lessons’, alternated with progress tests. Option 2: you can make use of the review content option, however only after having completed each separate lesson, which offers digital study books completed with illustrations. In both cases you can enlarge or reduce the illustrations or only make texts visible. Furthermore, you can make notes and save them for later.

Search by topic

The program enables you to find information fast and easy. The material is divided into subjects and is conveniently arranged in chapters and subchapters. The opening page is called ‘main content’ and enables you to navigate to subjects or (sub)chapters. Helpful buttons will show you the way.

Phrase finder

The phrase finder enables you to search through the complete study material for a certain subject topic, by filling out just one word or definition. The phrase finder will show all pages containing that particular word or phrase. You can use the phrase finder at any time.


Animations are meant to simplify and clarify difficult themes. By operating the mouse, you will get more refined 3-D animations. Furthermore, a large number of video modules can be watched through the main menu in the software.

Progress tests

Progress tests are arranged by an integrated  ‘Personal Course Management System’ (PCMS), through 'My Course' on the dashboard screen. This system:

  • Gives access to the progress tests
  • Immediately shows your progress
  • Provides a comprehensive report of the tests which have been made
  • Enables course participants to print their notes
  • Shows a list of bottlenecks, per subject