Frequently asked questions

1. How can I sign up for a course?

You can download the required registration forms on the sign up page of this website.

2. How long will it take before I receive my materials?

Upon receipt of your registration we will send you an invoice. In the meantime we order all required materials. On average, you will receive the complete package within 10 days.

3. I often read you use Oxford or Jeppesen books, is that true?

No, this is not true. We only use books and software of Bristol Groundschool UK. According to the Authorities and our airline clients they meet the required demands. Many of our course members find our study materials extremely nice and clear and don’t want something else. 

4. How many hours per week do I have to study?

An average student spends approximately 12-15 hours per week on study for the ATPL and completes it within a year.

5. What is the pass rate of Orbit Groundschool?

So far Orbit Groundschool has had a pass rate of almost 100%.

6. Is Orbit Groundschool part of Bristol Groundschool?

No, Orbit Groundschool is an independent school with an own EASA approval. It has an exclusive agreement with Bristol Groundschool with regard to using material, back-up and using the international forum and Question Bank.

7. Where do I continue my study?

After having obtained your theoretical certificate through Orbit Groundschool, you will be free to continue your study at any desired flight school. Of course we will be more than willing to advise and support you.

8. I have a job, how flexible is the training?

Almost anything can be discussed, within legal regulations or requirements of course. In case you won't be able to study for some time or, due to circumstances, will study less a time off can be discussed. We will do our utmost to get you back to the desired level again.

9. How many course participants does Orbit Groundschool have?

Since 2003 hundreds of course participants completed their training at Orbit Groundschool successfully. Since 1st January 2008 more than 300 students have been active.

10. How can I be sure of the quality of the training?

Orbit Groundschool is a certified aviation training institute (ATO, formerly known as FTO), meaning study material, course, instructors, management, financial household and school facilities have been approved by the Dutch Civil Aviation Authorities. Inspection takes place every year. 

11. What is the difference between brush-up course, revision course, classroom phase, class instruction and exam training?

There is no difference, just different names for the same part of the education. Distance learning course members must attend 10% of the class instruction. This is mandatory except for high time pilots, ask us for details. Cadets can combine class instruction with other training eg. simulator training.