flight schools or airline companies

Third party total solutions

By arrangement with third parties, Orbit Groundschool organizes day courses (full-time) for the ATPL theoretical part, through a combination of ultra-modern computer training methods and traditional education with books, at your own training location, worldwide. Your own logos and branding can be applied as desired to both books and software. You can also choose to subcontract this and sign up students for the Orbit Groundschool distance learning method. 

Orbit is also specialized in organizing testing  for prospective cadets for various airline companies and aviation training. The unique PILAPT (Pilot Aptitude Tests) system is used which is recognised as the state-of-the-art practice for the selection of pilot applicants worldwide. 

Are you interested in an exclusive, customized theory- and selection package which will be put together in close consultation with airline companies and aviation training? Please contact us without any obligations by phone or e-mail.

ATPL Theory Training

For the theoretical ATPL part we offer a turnkey solution of training workbooks and computer based training; the digital content is delivered to your own location worldwide. Overhead costs will be reduced considerably. There is no additional need for traditional teaching anymore.

The content of computer based training corresponds mainly with the DVD-version for home study. The training method is a perfect solution for large FTO’s and is applied by clients such as Martinair Flight Academy, Intercockpit/Lufthansa, RAF, Navy, CTC-Aviation UK/NZ, Alpha Aviation, Pilot Training College and ASL Flight Academy. 

Consultancy & Support

Orbit Groundschool can realize your training solutions in terms of certification, operation, back-up and support, exchange of knowhow and expertise, marketing and beyond. Also regulatory support in terms of development and implementation towards a successfull application as certified Approved Training Organisation or operator. For these circumstances we can offer several available syllabi and training manual blue prints. These can be (re)written tailor made to your unique situation for approval.

Assessments of pilots

By arrangement with flying schools, training centers or airline companies Orbit Groundschool can organize a partial or complete selections for ab-initio’s (cadet) as well assess professional licensed pilots (with or without a Type Rating). The assessment scheme could include the following options listen here below:

  • PILAPT (Pilot Aptitude Testing)

PILAPT is a computer-based aptitude testing facility. Amongst others PILAPT measures aptitude for visual flight, flying blind, complex flying involving a crew situation establishing priorities, 3D-thinking and multi-tasking.

  • Written test facilities

English verbal reasoning test: This test measures the technical knowledge of the English language. Numerical & numeracy tests: These tests measure the candidate’s mathematical and psychological intelligence and capacities in relation to the aviation training.

  • (Acceptance) Interviews

Has the candidate just started his/her training to become pilot, or has he/she already graduated and now applies for a job at an airline company? (Acceptance) interviews are  held by independent staff of large airline companies based on a candidate’s  previous knowledge and experience. For example the interviewers work as an airline instructor or hold a management position within a large organization.

  • Simulator assessment

In case of doubt, or as a second opinion a simulator assessment is one of the possibilities for an additional practical pilot selection. The assessments for ab-initio’s (cadets) or experienced certified pilots, are executed by experienced instructors with a long record of service,  who work both as commercial pilot and instructor at all times at an airline company. Of course you may also use your own instructors.